Crown Prince Academy Code of Ethics

Crown Prince Academy reserves the right to alter this document at any time and it is the responsibility of the users of Crown Prince Academy website to find out about the updates made to the Code of Ethics.

Any use that you make of the services provided by this site is conditioned to the acceptance of the following Code of Ethics. Crown Prince Academy reserves the right to suspend or refuse admittance to any person for inappropriate Internet behavior or for violating the Code of Ethics. 

  1. LANGUAGE USE.- When using the forums, chat rooms and sending in suggestions, requests or comments, or when publishing material it is strictly forbidden to use foul or offensive language, blasphemy or cursing, hate language, or threats of violence that may jeopardize or offend the moral sensitivity of public or private individuals and  institutions.
  1. DISCRIMINATORY MATERIALS (RACE, GENDER, RELIGION, IDEOLOGY).- It is strictly forbidden to upload discriminatory content with the intention of attacking individuals or racial or religious groups, or sexual minorities, or by reason of their gender or ideology. It is also forbidden to upload defamatory or slanderous materials or threats or extortion. 
  1. OBSCENE AND ILLEGAL MATERIALS.- It is strictly forbidden to publish materials that are against the law or violate the customs of decency or any materials that are offensive to modesty propriety and morals, or those presenting biased, pornographic, racist, fundamentalist in formation or  which  affects public, ethical and moral order.
  1. COOPERATION, PARTICIPATION OR LEARNING.- The contents of the chat shall be informative and useful.
  1. LEGAL FRAMEWORK.- The user shall comply with all national and international laws, rules,  and regulations, ordinances and bylaws.  
  1. NOT HACKING - It is strictly prohibited to publish or share any information intentionally containing viruses or other programming tools that may damage or hinder or expropriate  systems,  data or personal information. Any materials violating the above provision shall be deleted and the person responsible for this shall be denied further access.
  1. HONESTY.- The purpose of the chat room is to promote open and honest communication among all of its members, who should be respected as individuals  with the purpose of achieving a warm, harmonious and respectful environment.