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Sex abuses causing children to lose confidence in parents - Dr Tony Aubynn

The chief executive of Ghana Chamber of Mines, Dr Tony Aubynn, is calling on Ghanaians to direct their attention at the rampant cases of incest in society, which he said are causing children to lose confidence in parents and the elderly.

Speaking to Myjoyonline.com at the 20th anniversary and 10th graduation ceremony of Crown Prince Academy in Accra over the weekend, Dr Tony Aubynn cautioned the nation, against behaving like an ostrich towards what he described as parents "misdemeanor and misdeeds" in society.

He said many have taken advantage of the innocence of children and the trust they have in their parents and the elderly in general, to sexually abuse them.

This, he said, has unfortunately eroded the trust children had in adults especially their parents and teachers.

"Children are innocent, when you say your uncle or dad is calling you she will just go, thinking that there would be nothing to worry about. But alas these days you see your uncle is calling you, your brother is calling you, your step father is calling you and you must be prepared for ugly things which must be condemned."

To make matters worse for these unfortunate children, Dr Tony Aubynn added that sexually abused victims in society are the ones seen as going wrong.

"They are unable to tell those stories because some of them are forced not to say it because if they did, they may lose the relationship forever and they may be seen as the bad ones and not the adult who perpetrated that type of behaviour on them.

"Indeed it is a serious thing, and it is time parents went back to the original role of parenthood and regain the trust of children because children are gradually losing trust in their parents."

Dr Tony Aubynn said psychologically, such children cannot maintain their balance, which affects their growth. He has therefore charged the nation not to gloss over such cases.

Source: Myjoyonline.com